My Presidency

I became the president of Iraq on July 16th, 1979 and Iraq's new golden age began we me in total control. I had the support of the people who viewed me as just a common man who rose to power and I had the ambition to really do something. I knew that as long as I kept the people happy and healthy I would have their support and there would not be any huge revolts. The first thing I did was create my own person Army called the Popular Army and make my own secret Intelligence force. I have never truly trusted anyone in my life, so the closest thing I had to somebody I could trust was my family and friends so I gave them all jobs in my administration. Anyone who was not loyal to me was taken out, I consider this to be their fault for not knowing the right place to be loyal to.

One of my biggest issues throughout my presidency was Iran. An evil leader named Khomeini took over Iraq in 1979 and his government system of a religious theocracy was a problem for me because people were starting to believe that he was a better leader according to god. He also helped harbor the Kurdish people that wished to control northern Iraq. I decided that I needed to go to war with Iran and even got the United States government to back me with weapons. We fought and Iran knew that they were going to lose so they decided to negotiate a ceasefire. I agreed because I knew the United Nations would turn on me because we were so close to beating Iran.

I started a war with Kuwait because they owed Iraq billions of dollars and because Kuwait was truly supposed to be a part of Iraq. I decided to invade and annex Kuwait in hopes that it would improve Iraq's oil supply. The United Nations claimed that my actions were not ok and decided to get involved in a war that they had no business getting involved in. After the United Nations sent their coalition forces to take back Kuwait I withdrew because I found that Kuwait was not worth the time or effort. We already had victory in Kuwait because it was an official part of Iraq and always will be from now on.