About Me

Hello, my name is Saddam Hussein and I served as the president of Iraq from July 16th, 1979 to April 9th, 2003.

I have been involved in politics my whole life and I was a key member of the Ba' ath Party of Iraq. I have worked in many offices such as Iraq's Bureau of Special Investigation. I made it my personal mission to learn everything about Iraq's government and politics. I consider myself to be just a man of the people that received power and used it to help his people.

Under my direct supervision, I helped boost Iraq's economy and I even went to war to make sure Iraq was seen as an influential player in all of the Middle East. I have stood up to American aggression and imperialism my entire life. I believe that I truly made Iraq a glorious nation. Many people have compared me to leaders like Hitler or Stalin but I believe that I am not because unlike them I actually succeeded in my goals.