My Fall

I want to start out by saying that I have never done anything wrong. President Bush and the entire United Nations were scared of my effective leadership. Everything that they claim I have done is false. America is an evil tyrant that thought that they could do anything and I stood up to them, so they had it out for me.

President Bush had it out for me after the Gulf War and he even created false evidence that I was creating weapons of mass destruction even to go as far as to claim that one of my government scientists defected and said that we have a weapons program which is all false. For my entire presidency, people have claimed things like that I use biological weapons on my own people which is completely false and is something that I would never do. President Bush feared me more than he would ever admit.

President Bush officially and unethically ordered for me, the innocent president of Iraq to be taken out. I had no choice but to evade capture because I was being wrongly persecuted. President Bush made the very people I had worked for my entire life turn on me. I was eventually captured and President Bush created a special tribunal court to wrongly persecute me. I was not guilty of any of the crimes against humanity that I was being tried for so I told the court that I was still the president of Iraq and that they couldn't convict me of these false crimes. They sentenced me to death by hanging.